Rentals andl Terms

     Rental Type Daily Rate Weekly Rate * Monthly Rate * Deposit
Hybrid $35 $175 $700 $500
Road (Drop Bar) $50 $250 $1,000 $1,500
Trico Iron Case $50 $400
We provide 'flat' pedals and water bottle cages.  We do not provide fittings, helmets, special saddles,  water bottles, etc.
Rentals used in any sort of competition whatsoever become the property of the renter who will be billed accordingly

*  We have tried every imaginable permutation of rates for parts of days, parts of weeks, and parts of Months. It has inevitably resulted in tragic confrontations filled with savage recriminations, lust and hate. 

  • A "Day" is 24 hours or less, if you rent a bicycle for an hour or for 24 hours the rate is the same. 
  • The "Weekly Rate" is for up to seven days.
  • The "Monthly Rate" is for a Calender Month (sorry about February). 

We will charge you at the rate which results in the lowest final bill.  We calculated the "Weekly Rate"  to be five times our "Daily Rate" and the "Monthly Rate" to be four times our "Weekly Rate".  If it comes down to renting a bike for a Month or more, it is time to start thinking about buying a bike in Portland/Lake Oswego and selling it when you leave or shipping your regular ride to and from. 


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