Electronics from Cardo, Cateye, Cyclops, Garmin, GoPro and more available at Lakeside Bicycles 

We have a comprehensive array of electronics solutions in the shop (Cateye, Cardo, Garmin, GoPro, PoweTap and more) as well as just about anything you can imagine in our On-Line Electronics Catalog  

It is a sure thing that your bike will work just fine without a computer, heart-rate monitor, power meter, GPS or camera.  On the other hand it is nice knowing how fast you are going without asking the VW Bug that tailed you down the descent, or to be able to navigate home without calling your mother.  Electronics can add a new dimension to your cycling experience while, maybe, going viral and earning you a bit of extra cash on the way. 

Bicycle Electronics

Garmin Replacement Band for Swim

Keep your training on track with Garmin's adjustable and comfortable… [more]

Garmin Accessory Band Kit for vivofit 2
$29.99 - $39.99

Keep on track — and be stylish — with these colored bands for your… [more]

Garmin Replacement Elastic Strap for Heart Rate Monitor
$8.50 - $10.00

Keep your training on track with Garmin's Replacement Elastic Strap for… [more]

Garmin Charging Cable for Epix

Connect your Epix watch to Garmin's charging clip and use the attached USB… [more]