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The subtle art of pricing at Lakeside Bicycles, the Portland area's most transparant road shop

We have tried to anticipate your every question concerning pricing.  Herewith, our policies: 

  • Everything in the store and on the website that is not on sale is supposed to be marked at MSRP.   If we have priced an item too high, we refund any overcharges and re-tag.  If we price it too low, we honor that price in person in the store until we re-tag. 
  • There are no rain-checks on pricing errors. We can, rarely, be persuaded to give callers a chance to 'come right down' and buy an item at the incorrect price.
  • Prices on the website are set at Manufacturer's Advertised Retail (MARP).  Several of our suppliers (Garmin, Pinarello and Cervelo among others) have published wicked serious policies regarding pricing and we don't mess with them.  Neither should you. 
  • In many cases (Cannondale) manufacturers require that we list MARPs on-line which are higher than those allowed in the store, it pays to call.
  • Two places on our website where we are bound by published prices:  In our list of "'Exceptional Bicycles and Accessories" and in our list of "Closeout Bicycles, Frames and Accessories". Any other prices found on which are below MSRP are in error and will not be honored. 
  • At our discretion we match qualified prices (including any shipping or administrative costs) from legitimate dealers in the brands that we carry.
  • We do not discount labor. 
  • Per-cent discounts on sale items are off of the original price.

If you come up with something that we havn't thought of, keep it a secret and save it for a REALLY big purchase so you can surprise us and maybe go home with the brass ring.

The pricing on catalogue items listed at has caused some confusion.  There are thousands of items many of which (Cannondale's for example) are priced higher than they appear in stores.  In addition  Bianchi, Cannondale, Specialized, Shimano and several others of our most important suppliers prohibit us from selling their products either on-line, by phone or both.  If those are the rules, the only exception is in the event that there are no authorized dealers in your area.  Please call (503-699-8665) or e-mail ( subject:  "Price Query").

Our shopping cart is now active and our catalog can be used to make purchases for in-store pickup or for delivery.


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