Lakeside Bicycles offers the Colnago C60.

Since the debut of the C40, Colnago’s C-series frames have combined history and technology along with a soupcon of passion and guts. The C60 is no exception.

The Colnago C60 in the OFRG color.  Available at Lakeside Bicycles.Ernesto Colnago decided: It must be stiffer, and lighter, but also must retain the company’s iconic Master star-shaped tubes. It must be built for longevity, and that ride quality must be the primary goal. It must be fast, but there is no need to eek every ounce of performance at the expense of style. “An emotional bike, with soul,” Ernesto says.  Italian soul manifested in a technological tour de force.

Davide Fumagalli, was tasked with bringing Colnago’s specifications to light. It was he who developed the massively over sized bottom bracket, the method by which Colnago has been able to convert the internal gussets of the Extreme Power, Extreme C and EPS to an external manifestation of the Master shape, and the new, somehow lighter than carbon aluminum dropouts.

Even Colnago has trouble defining the C60.  The M10 is a better pure race frame.  The C60's geometry isn't right for simple endurance riding. The geometry and gimmicks found in the likes of Specialized Roubaix and Cannondale Synapse are conspicuously absent. The C60 is most closely aligned with finely crafted, uncompromising hand built frames by artists such as Pegoretti, Parlee and Sachs and riders are likely to select the C60 for similar reasons.  Each frame is unique, laden with technological excellence, hand built and painted in Italy, at a price that is weirdly economical. The C60 remains true to Colnago's vision and gives up nothing when compared with other super premium frames (many costing thousands more).

Everything is bigger in the C60

Like all 'C' models, the C60 will be built in Colnago’s Cambiago, Italy, facility, across the street from the home of Ernesto Colnago and painted at Colnago's facility in Tuscany.   The company’s premier frames, including the steel The Colnago C60 in the RSBK color.  Available at Lakeside Bicycles.Master x Lite and the C-series, are still “fatto in Italia." 

The C60 retains the C59's Master star shaped, lugged tubes, is 140 grams lighter and a lot stiffer.  Similarities end there.  Compared with the C59, everything is bigger, wider, and stiffer.   

The most obvious change is the new downtube, the largest individual tube ever produced by Colnago. It tapers dramatically, widest at the BB and narrowest at the head tube, and utilizes the Master shape from tip to tail.

The big downtube is matched to an equally over sized bottom bracket section, large enough to swallow the old C59 BB whole. The lugs emanating out from the bottom bracket use the same Master shape as the tubes, a new feature that Colnago claims improves stiffness and decreases weight.

The seat tube sees a similar increase in size, from 31mm in diameter to 55mm. The tube is now asymmetrical, with most of the increase in size occurring on the non-drive side, as the tube spreads out to fill the most of the width of new, wider bottom bracket shell. The increased seat tube diameter means the C60 will use a 31.6mm seatpost.

The chainstays now feature internal gussets for improved lateral stiffness and are tapered for a slight upward flex, and the seatstays use a conical design and tapered diameter, thinner at the dropouts than at the seat tube junction, along with a reduced wall thickness to decrease weight while improving comfort.

The dropouts are aluminum, but much slimmer in design than the C59 dropouts making them much lighter, but still more durable than carbon dropouts, according to Fumagalli.

Every upgrade leads to the bottom bracket and its associated lug. It looks muscular next to the C59 version it replaces, and features a new design called Threadfit 82.5.

At the heart of Threadfit 82.5 are two aluminum sleeves that thread together, creating a removable, replaceable bottom bracket shell that will accept a normal BB86 bottom bracket. This improves stiffness of a wide press fit bottom The Colnago C60 in the THRD color.  Available at Lakeside Bicycles.bracket while resolving reliability and durability concerns — since the BB is pressed into a component that can be removed and replaced, there is no longer danger of permanent damage to the frame with poor installation (kids, don't install that bottom bracket at home!)  Additional, meaningful versatility with less creaking an groaning and only a modest increase in weight. 

A disc version of the Colnago C60

A direct result of Fumagalli’s involvement in the engineering process is the inclusion of a disc brake version of the C60 frame. He’s an avid mountain biker, already  sold on the benefits of discs, and has said that sticking to just rim brakes was never an option.

Colnago has partnered with Manitou to build a thru-axle disc fork with the company’s Hexlock15 standard, a system that allows for quick and easy axle removal, quicker and easier, Fumagalli said, than a standard quick release. The new thru-axle fork will be available at Eurobike in August, while the standard QR bike and fork are available now.

The U.S. will see four color options (OFRG, RSBK, THRD and THYL) in 9 compact sizes guaranteed to accept a 25mm tire (though, when pressed, Colnago admitted that most 28mm tires will fit as well.) Colnago will be producing an additional 9 colors including a Eurobike version and 5 traditional frame sizes along with custom frames which may or may not be available tThe Colnago C60 in the THyl color.  Available at Lakeside Bicycles.o U.S. customers. Warranty is three years if registered within 11 days of purchase or 2 years otherwise.

At the end of the day

The C60 could be simply viewed as just another Italian frame.  On the other hand Patek Phileppe could simply be viewed as just another Swiss wrist watch.  If you feel that you have earned a little Italian grace and performance (and what is life without a little Italian grace and performance?), then the C60 is a zero compromise object of unmatched technological sophistication that graces the cycling world with quintessential Italian style and excellence.  

Should you decide that you have endured the empty place in your cycling soul that only a Colnago can fill long enough, contact the Colnago experts at Lakeside Bicycles (503-699-8665 or who will be delighted confirm your passion and enable its successful resolution.  For lots more technical information, videos and photos click this link to check out the Lakeside Bicycles' Colnago C60 catalog entry.

OFRG color, 50s Colnago C60 in stock at Lakeside Bicycles.

50s Colnago C60 in the OFRG color scheme, in stock at Lakeside Bicycles 50s Colnago C60 in the OFRG color scheme, in stock at Lakeside Bicycles 50s Colnago C60 in the OFRG color scheme, in stock at Lakeside Bicycles
50s Colnago C60 in the OFRG color scheme, in stock at Lakeside Bicycles 50s Colnago C60 in the OFRG color scheme, in stock at Lakeside Bicycles 50s Colnago C60 in the OFRG color scheme, in stock at Lakeside Bicycles

Colnago C60 logo with OFRG background at Lakeside Bicycles