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Pinarello, fine Italian bicycles and frames at Lakeside Bicycles.

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Pinarello Comments

The History of Pinarello GIOVANNI PINARELLO, the eighth of twelve brothers, was born in Catena di Villorba in 1922. He was born at a time when life could be rather difficult, which was not uncommon, for many families ot the humble, and peasant backgrounds, in the rural farming areas of Veneto. The… [more]

Pinarello Aluminum Pista

The Pista frame is in Pinarello's DNA, because it is the extreme synthesis of speed combined with extreme agility. In this case lightness is of the essence, but so is responsiveness and strength because the forces applied come from the most powerful muscles in cycling.  Built from 6061 T6 Aluminum… [more]

Pinarello Mercurio T2 Hybrid

The Mecurio is definitely an extraordinary Hybrid bicycle! The Mercury Carbon is a new concept in cycling. Fast and agile with disc brakes: perfect for the city, but it can also become a road bike thanks to its lightness and versatility! Based on the aluminum Trionfo, the Mercurio features a full… [more]

Pinarello Pinarello FCX Cyclo Cross - 2015

When talking Cyclo Cross bikes the conversation tends to focus on North American brands: Redline, Kona, Surly and the like. North American Cyclo Cross bikes are a pretty good value. However: if you are serious about Cross' (and by 'serious' I mean that you are there to win, not to finish in the top… [more]

Pinarello Razha 105 - 2015

Looking for a bicycle that delivers the full power of each pedal stroke to the rear wheel, for only a sliver of the cost of a Dogma F8? The new Pinarello Razha 105, built with the same signature Pinarello design, craftsmanship and reliability that keeps putting professionals on top of the podium… [more]

Pinarello Razha 105 EasyFit - 2015

Looking for a bicycle that delivers the full power of each pedal stroke to the rear wheel, for only a sliver of the cost of a Dogma F8? Looking for a bicycle in just the right size for a dainty physique? Pinarello's Easy Fit Geometry is designed for the differences in body types that are usually… [more]

Pinarello Razha K 105 - 2015

Using the same molds as the ROKH, Pinarello combined their award winning frame designed with a Shimano 105 11 speed group to come up with the Razha K 105.  Perfect for the rider in search of Italian design and flair in a relaxed, asymmetric design, well suited for long days in the saddle, long… [more]

Pinarello Dogma XC 9.9 - 2015

Pinarello has been building super road bikes forever and felt that it was time to do something serious with MTB's.   The Dogma XC 9.9 + Fox 32 Factory Spec Fork, is that Pinarello Mountain Bike. It seems that every new mountain bike includes innovations that solve everything.  You name it, be it… [more]

Pinarello ROKH (Ultegra 11 speed) - 2015
$3,750.00 - $3,850.00

Most bike manufacturers offer their pro riders a more comfortable, forgiving frame option for particularly brutal races. This version is usually based on the company's flagship frameset, with slight geometry and construction tweaks to favor comfort. Pinarello’s DogmaF8  is the company’s most… [more]

Pinarello Prince 60.3 Think 2 - 2015

Looking for the perfect, budget frame that is everything a cyclist could ever dream of:  absolute performance, rigidity, explosive power and precision while still embodying the special Pinarello "Whatsit" that has distinguished their bicycles since day one?  May we suggest the 2015 Pinarello Prince… [more]

Pinarello Marvel (Ultegra 11 speed) - 2015

The Pinarello Marvel Think 2's relationship to the brands flagship offerings is obvious from first glance.  But the Marvel isn't just a great bicycle, all Graceful lines, superb paint and ingenious design.  Like it's brethren, the Marvel embodies that certain Italian "Whatsit" that has… [more]

Pinarello Marvel EasyFit (Ultegra 11 speed) - 2015

The Pinarello Marvel EasyFit Think 2's relationship to the brands flagship offerings is obvious from first glance. But the Marvel EasyFit isn't just a great bicycle, all Graceful lines, superb paint and ingenious design. Like it's brethren, the Marvel EasyFit embodies that certain Italian "Whatsit"… [more]

Pinarello Dogma K Think 2 Hydro - 2015

The introduction of the original carbon Dogma was followed by two years of careful analysis of the forces applied during riding.  FEA (finite element analysis) validated the benefits in managing frame deflection derived from the Dogma's asymmetrical design, however the magicians at Pinarello knew… [more]

Pinarello Dogma F8 - 2015

2015 Pinarello Dogma F8 is the 8th generation Dogma. Pinarello's goal has always been to create the best riding bikes in the world. Pinarello does this using the most advanced technologies and working tirelessly to incorporate them with their world class geometry and bike building experience. The… [more]

Pinarello Maat 60.1 Track Bike

Pinarello has a mission: to create the fastest bikes available. This mission applies not only to road bikes, but also to the track. Pinarello sets out to make the fastest bike possible for this discipline and analyzed each and every aspect of the track bike and looked for areas where it could be… [more]

Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2 Dura Ace 11 - 2015

Experience mind-bending speed aboard Pinarello's Dogma 65.1. The ultra-light carbon construction, magnificent power transfer and responsive handling result in an otherworldly ride. From Pinarello's super high-end Torayca 65HM1K carbon, to the asymmetry of the chainstays and top and down tubes, to… [more]

Pinarello Bolide - 2015

An aero design specialist from Trek asked the master:  "Here is an engineer who never designs, documents or tests his designs.  Yet all who know him consider him preeminent in the world.  Why is this?"  The master replied:  "That engineer has mastered the Tao.  He has… [more]

Pinarello Dogma K Think 2 Hydro Super Record EPS - 2015

Experience mind-bending acceleration—and deceleration—aboard Pinarello’s Dogma K T2. Its lengthened wheelbase and hydraulic-disc mounts balance the Dogma on the razor's edge between comfort and uncompromising performance. The ultra-light carbon construction, magnificent power transfer and… [more]

18 Results