The C60 does not use a round seattube in conjunction with star tubes and lug technology. This is another first for Colnago. In favor of a round tube shape, the seat tube becomes strongly asymmetric as it reaches and enters the bottom bracket lug.

Due to the space required for the front derailleur, it is not possible to exploit the full width of the bottom bracket shell in the seat tube at this juncture. The solution is to use an asymmetric tube, with a width of 30mm on the left side and 21.5mm on the right half of the tube, for a total width of 51.5mm (for comparison, the seat tube of the C59 is only 34.9mm).

To further maximize lateral stiffness and quick response to handling input preferred by Colnago’s professional racers, as well as more dynamic road performance, the C60 continues to use a 31.6mm seatpost. 

Despite the dramatic increase in size, the weight of the C60 seattube is actually lower than that of the C59.  This is the result of uncompromised design, material and construction methods

Colnago C60 Seattube dimensions.  Available at Lakeside Bicycles.

• Laterally stiffer

• Lighter weight
• Responsive handling

• Dynamic performance