Bottom Bracket

In order to increase the stiffness of the bottom bracket lug without excessively increasing the wall thickness, and conversely the weight, the C60 uses larger diameter tubing at the insertion points. To accomplish this, the C60 increases the width of the bottom bracket.  This yields vastly improved lateral stiffness in the most critical area of the frame.

Colnago evaluated all of the bottom bracket standards currently on the market.  The current BSA threaded standard is great for reliability, but does not allow for the advanced design requirements of the C60.  None of the current press-fit standards met Colnago’s requirements in terms of reliability or longevity for the C60. Unwilling to compromise, Colnago decided to join the best of both worlds:  the reliability and ease of service of a threaded bottom bracket, with wider platform and greater stiffness than current press-fit standards.  Thus Colnago’s patented ThreadFit82.5 was born.  Compatible with all versions of Pressfit 86.5 BB which are readily available, the ThreadFit82.5 adds two removable threaded sleeves.  These are easily replaced in case of wear. 

• Stiffer
• Better reliability
• Easy maintenance
• Longer frame life

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