Colnago C60 chain stays.

Chain Stays

Professional cycling races are long and hard.  In recent years, the relationship between rider comfort and increased efficiency has become more widely recognized in the cycling industry.  Colnago has long understood this:  the rider who is less fatigued by road vibration over time is a rider who will maintain maximum levels of performance.
This was clearly seen with Colnago's 5 victories in 6 Paris Roubaix, one of the longest and the harshest race on both rider and machine.  Colnago's unwavering commitment to building the most efficient and comfortable race frames can be seen in the C60'chain stay design.
Similar in design to the C60's front triangle, the tubes used for the chain stays are designed with internal ribs, ensuring optimum lateral stiffness.  The comfort in the chainstays is achieved with a tube shape which tapers dramatically toward the dropouts.  This provides a slight upward flexion and offers vertical complaice which actively dampens vibrations from the road.  This vertical compliance will also act to increase rear wheel traction on rough roads.

• More lateral stiffness

• More vertical compliance
• More rider comfort and efficiency
• Acts as suspensio for better rear-wheel traction