Colnago C60 front disc brake mount.
Front Disc Brake

For the C60 disc, Colnago has developed a completely new fork which will be available in 2015.  The most noticeable change for the new fork is the new Hexlock 15 Thru Axle System®, based on the Manitou proprietary design.  In order to remove the wheel, you just have to open the quick release and then turn it 90°.  That's it.  This system is both stiffer and faster to engage than a standard QR9 axle.  The thru axle design does not allow for independent fork leg movement, improves tracking while braking and allows for more precise handling.  A standard QR9 open dropout fork will still be available.

• Faster wheel installation and removal

• Laterally stiffer
• Better tracking during braking