Dario also makes a steel fork

Unfinished Pegoretti double plate fork crown.

Fatti con le mani.  If you are looking for a classic steel fork that incorporates state of the art technology, then Dario has the perfect solution.  The steerer tube is 1-1/8" by 330mm.  The rake is 4.5cm (to fit any Pegoretti frame except the Luigino).  They weight 902 grams.  The tubes and crowns are custom made and, so, very expensive:  $699.99 in white or black.  Worth the wait, the perfect accessory for your Big Leg Emma, Duende, Love #3, Marcelo or Responsorium.

Dario Pegoretti's steel fork in black and white. Pegoretti cromo steel fork drop out in white. Pegoretti Luigino with double plate fork crown.