Emerging daily from her skillfully hidden refuge somewhere near Deer Island, Amy's presence at Lakeside Bicycles is the direct result of a successful Leprechaun hunt at the turn of the last century.

Amy says: "I graduated from Boise State University and am a native of Idaho. I began racing Mountain Bikes in 1995 and turned Professional in 1998. I raced the National Circuit for 5 years and retired in 2004. I enjoy all types of bike riding. Among my personal collection of bikes are a pink Surly Long Haul Trucker named 'Miss Piggy', a Specialized Tokyo single speed Langster, a pink Bianchi single speed P.U.S.S (Pink Ugly Single Speed)mountain bike, a Cannondale Scalpel, a yellow Cannondale mountain tandem, a Cannondale Gemini and my most recent addition, a Cervelo S3 Magnus Backstedt World Champion edition (number 191 out of 222). Besides riding bikes I am passionate about Kiteboarding and I love to surf. I enjoy spending time with my husband Rob and our Pomeranians Pollywog and Barry."

Upon looking back on what she had done, Amy did not weep because there were no more worlds left to conquer. Amy only weeps during the final minutes of "It's a Wonderful Life". In that combination of the clinically insane, low margins, interesting customers, and primitive business practices that define the 21st century bike shop, Amy found a challenge to suit her temperament. Poor Rob.

Amy's motto? "If you haven't stressed your adrenal glands until they are about to burst, it isn't a vacation"